Bunny Escape 2 will be released on 15th June 2014!

Wednesday, 14-05-2014

Finally, we are very happy to announce that our game Bunny Escape 2 will be coming to Appstore on 15th June 2014!

Bunny Escape 2 is a puzzle-adventure mobile game. The controls are easy to learn, using simple rules of physics, motion exploration, and finger gestures. Underpinning the entire gameplay is a charming storyline that starts with our hero Beep, the little gooey-eyed bunny who loves hunting for carrots but gets caught by the greedy Evil Owl in the process. His mission is to escape Evil Owl by getting to the portals of light (escape) that will transport him back to his homeland. As he makes headway, he meets with 6 other bunnies with distinctive abilities that are also trapped in the Evil Owl’s clutches!
Here’s a Bunny Escape 2 game feature:
• 7 adorable bunnies with special ability.
• Innovative gameplay which combined Action + Puzzle solving + Adventure game!
• Crazy obstacles to solve.
• 50 Amazing levels in two bunny worlds
• Find the hidden treasures to unlock the Evil Boss level, defeat it!
• Stunning & outstanding graphics

For more game information about BUNNY ESCAPE 2, please check it out here.