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Bunny Escape is a simple strategic puzzle game for touch screen devices. An interactive game that involves thinking + reaction, the game location is a cartoon forest based on the beautiful Pahang rainforest in Malaysia, and centers around the game’s main characters, the bunnies, whose existence is constantly threatened by the villainous Owl, an evil bomoh (or shaman in other parts of the world).

The game’s objective is a simple one. With some strategizing and simple one-finger swipes, simply break through each level by helping the bunnies escape from the prison in which they are trapped.

Starting off with Little Bunny, as the game progresses, you will be introduced to the rest of the explosive cast: Explosive Bunny, Intangible Bunny, Winged Bunny, and Double-D Bunny. Each bunny comes equipped with their own unique ability and it is up to you, the player, to make the most out of them. Currently, we have 50 levels available for your time-killing pleasure, with more levels to be added in future updates.

Bunny Escape is currently available in both free and paid versions for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


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  • Game Interface Screenshot

Character Info

Beep, the Little Bunny
A very ordinary, pure and innocent bunny. Simple and loves carrots.
He is immune to all the curses the Bomoh Owl casts.

Special Ability:
Unrevealed (Will be revealed after completion of the Level 2 Map)

Carre, the Explosive Bunny
His fur got turned into a red explosive material red no thanks to one of the Bomoh Owl’s curse. Despite his ‘explosive’ quality, Carre has a timid personality and explodes whenever anyone gets close to him.

Special Ability: Explosion

Dan, the Double-D Bunny
Double-D stands for double dash. Because of his highly energetic body, he gets two moving chances where the other rabbits only get one. He has a mane like a lion’s, and an aggressive personality to match.

He went to the Bomoh Owl’s cave alone to save the Winged Bunny, whom he has a one-sided love for, but unfortunately got himself caught in a spider web spun by the Bomoh Owl’s spider army.

Special Ability: Double Jump

Bon, the Intangible Bunny
A cool and silent Dutch Bunny. Equipped with a cloaking ability that enables him to become invisible and go through walls undetected by enemies, he is the perfect spy and covert agent.

He was sent by the Bunny village to gain information on the kidnapped bunnies in the Bomoh Owl’s cave.

Special Ability: Incorporeality

Elle, the Winged Bunny
An ordinary Colombian Basin Pygmy Bunny. She has a pair of angel wings that can drive her in the air to further distances.

Special Ability: Fly for a limited time