About Us

We are three bunnies who enjoy playing and making games. During the day, we’ll scamper off to our different day-jobs working our little bob-tails off in order to fuel our passion--and well, maybe to eat, too, but that’s really only secondary. After work, though, you will see us scampering back to our shared burrow (it’s cozy but starting to get a little cramped in here, to be honest) to voluntarily busy ourselves in making games. Why? So we can share the happiness and fun around, too!

And so, we created TRAB Studio with the tagline, “Everyone can play!” Yes, we are very serious about our passion in producing simple, fun and all-around awesome games for everyone, so stay tuned for more addictive games to come!

About Game

BUNNY ESCAPE is the first game produced by TRAB Studio. It’s a simple and interesting puzzle game (for more info about the game play, click here) that took us ten months to produce. Everything about the game including story, character design, interface design, programming, music , sound FX, website design and game trailer is done right here in Malaysia by Malaysians for—you were thinking we were gonna say Malaysians, weren’t you? Nope! It’s not just for Malaysians, it’s for the whole world!

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